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le 31 July 2014 | dans

4.responsiveIn just a few years, the increase equpment rate for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) has completely changed the way we publish content.

With ALM 4.0, your advocates will be able to publish content on their social profiles (Facebook, Twitter…) directly from their phones and tablets.

Your visibility will be greatly boosted. An major advantage when you know that less than 12.6% of your fans actually see the content you publish on your page.

  • 8 billion pictures published on Flickr
  • 16 billion pictures on Instagram
  • 250 billion pictures on Facebook
  • 12.6% actual reach on your Facebook page
  • 100% reach on your advocates’ friends’
  • 64% of 15-30 year olds post their photos on social networks

(IPSOS – October 2013)

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