Why Brand Advocacy ?

Pourquoi le Brand Advocacy

92% of consumers trust brand advocate reviews. This number results from the plummeting of confidence given to advertising content issued by brands.   Your consumers now trust mainly cnotent published by their “peers” on blogs, forums, and consumer review sites. Among these, a population is ready to defend your brand by publishing positif content on your media but also, more importantly, on the whole web.   1 out of 3 clients comes to a brand by a recommendation (source: Weber and Shandwick). Your advocates are the key to a profitable short term strategy : they combine the strongest recommendation power (they are clients) and an uncomparable reach (they are connected and publish on the biggest social networks).   Moreover, they obtain the biggest prescription scores from a qualitive point of view because they perfectly know your prospects’ consuming habits and appetites.

Major benefits of Brand Advocacy


  • Large-scale publishing of client reviews on your sites and third-party platforms
  • +1.7 stars on your average notes


Search Engine Optimization

  • Client reviews appearing on Google’s first page of results
  • Improvement of your site’s indexation on search engines



  • Identification of unsatisfied clients and critics to be put in relation and treated by customer service.


Conversion rate

Improvement of conversion rate on the site through highlighting of client reviews

  • +18% on e-commerce sales
  • +13% on recruitment for your consumer club
  • +9.5% on newsletter subscriptions

Source : Bazaarvoice study


Trust index for your brand

  • +15% on the trust index for your brand thanks to the prescription and propagation power of recommendations


Lowering of your marketing budgets

  • Lowering of your media budgets and acquisition costs
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