Why ALM 4.0 ?

The broadest toolset to detect and stimulate your brand advocates

1.bouquet_d'outilALM 4.0 differs from other solutions by its capacity to offer independant and interconnecting modules. As proof, the AON auto-segmentation module enables you to determine in real time the necessary degree of engagement and satisfaction to be part of your brand advocates.


ALM 4.0 marks a new step in the brand advocacy universe by going from a unique and general tool to a truely evolutionary and “on demand” tool. A revolution on this rapidly growing market.

  • Yout brand advocates represent up to 45% of your clients.
  • Over 15% of your advocates write and share reviews.

The first entirely customizable Brand Advocacy platform, with a WYSIWYG interface

WYSIWYGThis technology is materialized by a user interface on which you can visually compose the desired result.

It is an “intuitive” interface that you may customize according to your wishes.

An entirely customizable dashboard to visualize your advocates’ performances in real time, among over 30 indicators

  • 3.dashboardROI by advocate
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Information content sharing
  • Review production (sorted by note, product, range…)
  • Affiliation rate
  • Discount sharing rate
  • Connection rate

You are also free to create and modify your campaign’s content, timings and marketing pressure at will.

A responsive design platform

4.responsiveIn just a few years, the increase equpment rate for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) has completely changed the way we publish content.

With ALM 4.0, your advocates will be able to publish content on their social profiles (Facebook, Twitter…) directly from their phones and tablets.

Your visibility will be greatly boosted. An major advantage when you know that less than 12.6% of your fans actually see the content you publish on your page.

  • 8 billion pictures published on Flickr
  • 16 billion pictures on Instagram
  • 250 billion pictures on Facebook
  • 12.6% actual reach on your Facebook page
  • 100% reach on your advocates’ friends’
  • 64% of 15-30 year olds post their photos on social networks

(IPSOS – October 2013)

Solution compatible with the leading CRM solutions on the market

7.BDDALM 4.0 enables you to collect and implement data collected from your advocates directly in your CRM.

Our solution includes many gateways to adapt to your information systems without any development.

This enables you to enrich your databases daily and to improve the quality of your data.

Compatible with 100% of social networks via our API panel

6.réseaux_sociauxALM 4.0 includes 100% of available protocols on the market.


From Facebook to Twitter through Pinterest or Google+, you can add, remove or customize the sharing networks of your brand advocates.


This gives you a major competitive advantage as you can adapt the platform in real time to your consumers’ sharing habits.

5 years of expertise in Brand Advocacy Marketing Strategy

8.expertiseAs a brand manager, you obviously know your market and consumers better than anyone else !


Brand advocates on the other hand have specific viral behaviours which you need to learn to recognize in order to require the best performances from them.


Groupe 361, editor of ALM 4.0, enables you to benefit from the best practices in terms of content sharing and brand advocate identification, all along your use of the platform.

Possibility of identifying and converting competitor brand advocates

Identifying your brand advocates is essential, recruiting and converting your competitors’ is strategic, market shares at stake !


ALM 4.0 enables you to identify competitor brand advocates, identify the reasons of this attachment and approach them with competitive commerical arguments.

Publishing of client reviews, compatible with all search engines, plus Facebook and Twitter

10.avis_clientUsed correctly and with the latest technologies, optimized client reviews generate an 18% increase in sales.


Why is this ? In order to obtain the famous “Google Stars” in your product descriptions, it is necessary to code the publication pages according to the standards determined by the search engines.


For social networks, pages must be configured according to strict specifications in order to optimize the publication of these reviews.


ALM 4.0 enables you to access these technology standards and to give as much visibility as possible to your client reviews.

Review publishing on third-party sites




Once your reviews are collected and published on your site, ALM 4.0 enables you to have them published on external sites (Pagesjaunes, Amazon, Tripadvisor…) through your advocates.


This way, you can take advantage of their visibility for free.

Interconnection with monitoring tools

11.avis_InterconnexionInterconnection with monitoring tools in order to collect information sharing and positive message production in real time.

This enables you to readjust the relevance of your identification criteria for your brand advocates.

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