Major benefits of Brand Advocacy

le 31 July 2014 | dans


  • Large-scale publishing of client reviews on your sites and third-party platforms
  • +1.7 stars on your average notes


Search Engine Optimization

  • Client reviews appearing on Google’s first page of results
  • Improvement of your site’s indexation on search engines



  • Identification of unsatisfied clients and critics to be put in relation and treated by customer service.


Conversion rate

Improvement of conversion rate on the site through highlighting of client reviews

  • +18% on e-commerce sales
  • +13% on recruitment for your consumer club
  • +9.5% on newsletter subscriptions

Source : Bazaarvoice study


Trust index for your brand

  • +15% on the trust index for your brand thanks to the prescription and propagation power of recommendations


Lowering of your marketing budgets

  • Lowering of your media budgets and acquisition costs

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