Website Reviews

This module enables you to collect and display all your client reviews on all your digital supports. It also enables you to instantly create a dedicated review website. Your prospects will be able to discover the quality of your products and services by sorting them via many criteria (date, with or without messages, similar consumer profile, etc.).


Concerning client reviews, fields of application are as varied as they are complex.


The Reviews module enables you to ignore nothing while still benefiting from the latest technological and normative standards. By using the Reviews module in ALM 4.0, your client reviews will be conform to the reference in this sector : the AFNOR NF Z74-50 certification norm.


  • 44% of web users haven’t gone through with a purchase because of a comment they read on the web.
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 French people consult consumer reviews on the Internet and 89% of them think they are “useful” or “very useful”.
  • 3  out of 4 French people think that among consumer reviews, some of them are fake (source : 3rd Easy Panel Testntrust barometer on fake consumer reviews).
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